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i'd like to know how i can browse this XML file to get some values (like VersionXSD, Support, etx...). Without namespaces i can do it but with namespace i get no result.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ROOT Id="myRefId"
xmlns="urn:ir:se_pelmed" xmlns:nmsps="urn:siram:nmsps"
    <nmsps:BASEC Id="1">
    <nmsps:BASED Id="1">
        <nmsps:Numero R="DD1">numero1</nmsps:Numero>
    <nmsps:BASED Id="2">
        <nmsps:Numero R="DD2">numero2</nmsps:Numero>
    <nmsps:BASED Id="3">
        <nmsps:Numero R="DD3">numero3</nmsps:Numero>
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You must provide a NamespaceContext to the XPath. There's no default impl of that class, you have to instantiate one yourself. see stackoverflow.com/questions/8221652/… –  flup Mar 13 '13 at 19:37

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You can either bypass the namespace using local-name() i.e. //*[local-name()='Support']

or instantiate one as flup suggested, which is how I would do it, it makes things much easier.

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