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I hope this is not a repeat, since a few questions seem to cover the issue but none with conclusive answers.

Python: PyQt4 Py2exe - No answer

I've got a very simple script that launches a window with a "Hello World" QPushButton. Upon click, the application exits. Simple as can be.

Using a very barebones, I generate a dist folder which contains a ton of files. The application runs fine.

I went online and added the 'bundle_files':1 and zipfile=None lines to my script, and now instead of a ton of files I get a 22mb exe that fails silently when I attempt to execute it. No log files, no error messages, nothing. Just a second of hesitation and nothing.

Another inconclusive SO thread suggested that this was a problem with py2exe and Windows 64, but the contributor was unable to explain what was the issue or where he read about it.

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You should use the version of pyexe for win64. Also, please check the version of py2exe depending on the Python version (you probably have 2.7 ?)

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did you try? did it work? – cinico Mar 14 '13 at 20:05
I ended up using PyINstaller with reasonable success. I will get back here and mark the answer if it pans out though! – RodericDay May 24 '13 at 17:23

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