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I am trying to generate ioncube license using "make_license" generator provided by ioncube for Unix systems. It works on my desktop Ubuntu system, but does not work on my CentOS webserver.

Each time I try to run the file, I get message "Killed" in terminal, so it looks like this:

[root@myserver test]# ./make_license --passphrase 'secret' --expire-in 20d > 'license.txt'
[root@myserver test]#

Just a weird message "Killed" after I execute the file and nothing else. I also tried placing "sudo" in front of "./make_license --passphrase ....." and it worked, but license file was generated empty (0 bytes).

I have tried chmod 755 and 777 to "make_license", and it didnt help. Also I tried stopping "/etc/init.d/amavisd", just in case it's antivirus, but same thing.

My server configuration is: CentOS-6.2 64bit + Nginx, PHP-FPM, APC, php-ioncube-loader-4.2.2-2.el6.art.x86_64

I found the same question on Ioncube forum without answer: http://forum.ioncube.com/viewtopic.php?t=3909&sid=8d595f7005f5b851479a00d387635ad7

Please share any ideas you might have.

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So I contacted the ioncube support and this is what they replied:

There are two things to check here:-

  1. That you have uploaded the make_license program to your server in binary mode and not in ASCII mode.
  2. You have the 32-bit compatibility libraries installed (as make_license, like the Encoder, is a 32-bit program).

The loader does not matter in this case as it has nothing to do with the problem with make_license.

You may need to install the 32-bit compatibility libraries for CentOS for make_license to work as that is a 32-bit program.

The make_license file will be a binary in any case but if you uploaded to your server via FTP in ASCII mode rather than binary then that might corrupt the file and cause the "killed" message. So please upload make_license again, making sure to choose binary mode in your FTP client.

So I checked my make_license file:

[root@localhost test]# file make_license

make_license: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), statically linked, stripped

It says that file is "executable", which I thought is = "binary".

But apparently it wasn't binary. Because after I uploaded it again, making sure that transfer mode was "binary" in my FTP client - everything worked. No more "Killed" message and licenses are generated.

Hope this helps someone.

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