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There is a function in google maps geometry library

interpolate(from:LatLng, to:LatLng, fraction:number)

which finds a point between two other points:


I need something very similar, find a point further along the line:


Interpolate does not accept fraction>1 so I cannot use it. Is there some simple way to calculate the point? I want to achieve given distance between A and X points.

EDIT: In my application the distance was really small so I used fromLatLngToPoint conversion and linear interpolation, which get good enough results on small area.

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If you know the distance beyond point b then all you need is the bearing from point a to point b and add on the extra distance to return the coords. – Rafe Mar 13 '13 at 20:24
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You can calculate bearing, then find destination point with code from this excellent page

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