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I use Cypher with parameters to optimize the loading of my nodes. I wrote this code and it works fine :

$params = array();
$params[] = array('some_id' => 'x', 'some_Properties' => 30, 'score' =>100, 'city' => 'Paris');
$params[] = array('some_id' => 'y', 'age' => 30, 'score' =>73, 'city' => 'Paris');
$params[] = array('some_id' => 'z', 'age' => 30, 'score' =>52, 'city' => 'Cannes');
$query = array('query' => 'create n={props}', 'params' => array('props' => $params));

sendCypherQueries is just a wrapper for the rest api, and i have created an automatic index for the properties some_id (which works fine also)

So I tried to write some code to process relationships in the same way, but it doesn't work :

$params = array();
$params[] = array('fromSomeId' => 'x', 'toSomeId' => 'x');
$params[] = array('fromSomeId' => 'x', 'toSomeId' => 'y');
$params[] = array('fromSomeId' => 'y', 'toSomeId' => 'z');
$query = array('query' => 'START a=node:node_auto_index(some_id={fromSomeId}), b=node:node_auto_index(some_id={toSomeId}) CREATE a-[r:knows]->b', 'params' => $params);

Is there a way to manage relationship in the same way ?

Thanks in advance.

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the problem lies at sending the $param array. in the first case you got 'params' => array('props' => $params) whereas in the second you got only 'params' => $params. i think you want to provide there something like 'params' => array('fromSomeId'=>$params['fromSomeId'],'toSomeId'=>$params['toSomeId']). it may reqiure to change the $param array indexing –  ulkas Mar 14 '13 at 8:44
Already tested and doesn't work because as $params is a map (dictionary) it doesn't allow multiple items with the same key. It's why I tried to create an array inside params (array in array). Of course if i try to create $params with the same key several times, it take only the lastest value inserted and so it create only one relationship. –  Djamel Mar 15 '13 at 0:38
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