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By using parse_trans I am getting the Form of the module.. Then I am doing some modifications to it.. Is there a way to translate the Form back to actual erlang code? Say the form is as follows:

                       [{string,8,"Add 3 to 5"}]},
                       [{string,9,"Message to process"}]},
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Use erl_pp:form/1. Here is an example:

parse_transform(Forms, _Options) ->
    IOList = [erl_pp:form(Form) || Form <- Forms],
    io:format(user, "~s", [IOList]),
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thats it ! :) thanks mate... –  cgval Mar 16 '13 at 14:51

You can use pretty-printer from parse_trans application: https://github.com/esl/parse_trans/blob/master/src/parse_trans_pp.erl

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