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My Big Commerce Store is www.BarChefs.com Our LTL Freight Shipper is www.YRC.com

Currently, our site pulls generic Ship by weight figures for our heavier shipping items. Basically, this already works on our site for UPS. When a customer buys something it gets a real quote from UPS online tools and charges them. I need this to work freight because most of our items are too heavy for UPS.

I need our site to pull the actual quote from YRC site and charge them at checkout.

Also, I need it to factor in if they are residential or commercial.

I can't seem to find anyone who knows what I'm talking about when I call the BigCommerce recommended designers and developers.


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We are in the exact same boat my friend....we have many LTL items in our BC store and currently rely on using the pre-order system bent to a "get a quote" system atm.


Echo.com is free (costs are added onto shipments), but is limited to only quotes. There isn't much to it...we are trying to test it more to discover more tactic but its a route. Its heavily manual integration.

Pacejet.com is expensive (250+ a month) but does exactly what you need, with pallet builder, deligation, drop ship, POs, multi rate, and more.

FreightQuote.com also claims to do this, however like echo seems to be non-rich. I dunno costs for freightquote.com. Pacejet def takes the cake for a freight manager in general across any framework.

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