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Wanted to know if there was a way to take a folder that is in isolated storage, zip it and make it available for a user to download the zipped file.

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Use Silverlight SharpZipLib http://slsharpziplib.codeplex.com/

This thread follows someone asking questions as he implements this approach. Other alternatives are mentioned, but not explored. http://forums.silverlight.net/forums/t/101789.aspx

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The "Mango" SDK ships with the ISETool that can take and restore snapshots of an application's isolated storage to/from a local directory:

# Copy data from IS to directory
ISETool.exe ts xd <PRODUCT-ID> "C:\TempDirectory\IsolatedStore"

# Copy data from IS to directory
ISETool.exe rs xd <PRODUCT-ID> "C:\TempDirectory\IsolatedStore"
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