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Customers have many Accounts, and Accounts have many Transactions.

I want to get all of the transactions from one customer..?

$customer = Auth::user();
$statement = $customers->accounts()->transactions()->where('customer_no', '=',     $customer->customer_no)->get(); //get all transactions

I know this doesn't work but this is the closest I can get..

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$customer = Auth::user();
$account_ids = $customers->accounts()->lists('id');
$statement = Transaction::where_in('account_id', $account_ids)->where('customer_no', '=', $customer->customer_no)->get(); // Get all transactions

You probably do not need the 'customer_no' part b/c

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I did not use the customer part as it was returning a SQL error. Never even knew about lists(). Thanks alot –  Shaun Michael Stone Mar 14 '13 at 8:52

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