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I have 3 combobox ObjetivosCB, FrecuenciasCB and ResponsablesCB in my form as shows below

public partial class Form_Indicador : Form
    public Indicador Indicador { get; set; }
    private void Form_AgregarIndicador_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
        if (Indicador == null)
            Indicador = new Indicador();



    private void ConfigurarResponsablesCB()
        ResponsableCB.DataSource = ResponsableRepository.Instance.All();
        ResponsableCB.DisplayMember = "Area";
        if (Indicador.Responsable == null) 
            ResponsableCB.SelectedIndex = -1;

    private void ConfigurarFrecuenciasCB()
        FrecuenciasCB.DisplayMember = "Periodo";
        FrecuenciasCB.DataSource = IndicadorRepository.Instance.AllFrecuencias();       
        if (Indicador.Frecuencia == null) 
            FrecuenciasCB.SelectedIndex = -1;   

    private void ConfigurarObjetivosCB()
        ObjetivosCB.DataSource = _objetivoFachada.All();
        ObjetivosCB.DisplayMember = "Nombre";
        if (Indicador.Objetivo == null) ObjetivosCB.SelectedIndex = -1;

    private void CargarPropiedadesIndicador()
        ObjetivosCB.DataBindings.Add("SelectedItem", Indicador, "Objetivo");
        ResponsableCB.DataBindings.Add("SelectedItem", Indicador, "Responsable");
        FrecuenciasCB.DataBindings.Add("SelectedItem", Indicador, "Frecuencia");


The problem is that FrecuenciasCB.SelectedItem and ResponsablesCB.SelectedItem always show and return the first item but ObjetivosCB.SelectedItem works fine. I am not understand... three methods has the same logic. What am I doing wrong?

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What do ResponsableRepository.Instance.All(),_IndicadorRepository.Instance.AllFrecuen‌​cias() and _objetivoFachada.All() return? – Jacob Seleznev Mar 13 '13 at 22:10
Return IList<Responsable>, IList<Indicador> and IList<Objetivo> respectively. – Overflow012 Mar 13 '13 at 22:50
You set the DisplayMember property after the DataSource in the third Configure method. I'm unsure if this matters, but it's worth checking. – Tergiver Mar 14 '13 at 18:46

I have been solved! The problem was a wrong definition for Equals() in Indicador and Frecuencia.

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