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I'm creating a site where rarely, but it will happen, I will have a guest author. I looked at plugin for author boxes and none are basic enough for my needs.

I'm creating some basic CSS styles and hard coding an author box for those few times I need to worry about this.

What code would I put in a post to pull an avatar based on an email address? Seems like this is possible with a small snippet of php. Is there an easy way to create a shortcode to do it for me? I've only dabbled in WordPress modifications.


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What I would do is use the Shortcode API:


With this, you can register a shortcode like


This shortcode would be simple, it would just use get_avatar()


Based on the Shortcode API, you could essentially pass parameters through the shortcode, example:

[author_avatar email="author.name@domain.com" size="32"]

Than use wp_enqueue_style() to pull in your css


I apologies for being brief I hope this is useful.

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Thanks this did help. –  Rich Coy Mar 14 '13 at 1:02

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