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I call a my controller with $routeProvider like this:

    .when('/home', {
        templateUrl: "partials/main.html",
        controller: "AppCtrl"

So the focus of $scope in the controller will change only the content of partials/main.html.
I would need to change {{status}} in index.html, but it won't change if I do $scope.status = 'ready'; in the controller, it will change only if it was in main.html.
How can I make this work ?
Thank you very much.

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The scope associated with AppCtrl should prototypically inherit from the scope associated with the controller you have defined in index.html. Define a method on that controller, and then you can call it from your child controller/scope (because of the way JavaScript prototypal inheritance works):

function MainCtrl($scope) {
   $scope.updateStatus = function(newStatus) {
       $scope.status = newStatus;

function AppCtrl($scope) {

Fiddle. In the fiddle, I don't use ng-view, but it still shows the concept.

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Wow cool stuff ! Sorry if it sounded like a stupid question but I started not long ago. Thanks for your reply. – Shadowbob Mar 14 '13 at 21:43

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