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I have opened a website using WebBrowser. Now I would like to programmatically click input text (textbox) field. I can not use focus because this website uses JS to unlock this field only if it's clicked and I've tried also this:

Object obj = ele.DomElement;
System.Reflection.MethodInfo mi = obj.GetType().GetMethod("click");
mi.Invoke(obj, new object[0]);

But it returns mi = null. How to do this so it will work?

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Very similar to my answer on your other question.

Get an HtmlElement respresentative of your textbox, and call HtmlElement.InvokeMember("click") on it.

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I don't have InvokeMethod only InvokeMember is it this? – tomaszs Oct 8 '09 at 19:22
Yes, I mistyped. My bad... – Cam Soper Oct 8 '09 at 19:48

If you can, use:


or something similar. For me, it's been much easier and more accurate.

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To fill-up a text field on a webpage:

string code ="";
code = code + "var MyVar=document.getElementById('tbxFieldNameOnWebPage');if(MyVar != null) MyVar.value = 'SOMEVALUE';";
domDocument.parentWindow.execScript(code, "JScript");

Then To Click a button on a webpage:

code = "";
code = "var SignupFree = document.getElementsByTagName('button')[1];";
code = (code + " SignupFree.click();");
domDocument.parentWindow.execScript(code, "JScript");

you can also use document.getElementById('buttonID'); instead of document.getElementsByTagName('button')[1]; but an id must be provided for this button on that particular webpage.

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Use InvokeMethhod on HtmlElement or Browser.InvokeScript function.

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