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I am making a application in PySide and I want to click on a toolbutton (which has a custom image) and that would trigger a drop down menu which would have different options. Is there some sort of Widget that does this, or would I have to make a custom one. If yes, how would I do this. I have not tried anything yet, I just need to know how to go about doing it.

Thank you

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It seems u are using the PySide.QtGui.QToolButton widget.

It has a function


Which associates a menu with the button.You have to pass a QMenu object which you can create just like any other widget.



and set mode to 'InstantPopup' to get instant menu.

To add your options,use

YourMenu.addAction(icon, text, receiver, member[, shortcut=0])

Set the icon and text.The 'receiver' is a function to handle the triggered action. Refer the Pyside Docs.

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