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I have a Play! project with unit tests and I am trying to run tests on my staging environment using sbt. Before I upgraded to Play 2.1, when I was using Play 2.0.4 and sbt 0.11.3 I could do $ sbt -Dconfig.file=conf/staging.conf test. Now sbt test seems to use the default application.conf no matter what I specify for -Dconfig.file.

sbt start -Dconfig.file=conf/staging.conf still works fine. Is this behavior a bug with sbt 0.12.2 or should I be specifying a config file for running tests in a different way?

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If you want to add java options to only sbt test and not other configurations then you can do javaOptions in Test += "-Dconfig.file=conf/test.conf" link –  fpearsall Mar 15 '13 at 19:29

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test is using forked jvm. Use javaOptions sbt setting to pass jvm options to it e.g.

javaOptions ++= Seq("-Dconfig.file=conf/staging.conf")

javaOptions ++= collection.JavaConversions.propertiesAsScalaMap(System.getProperties).map{ case (key,value) => "-D" + key + "=" +value }.toSeq

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Similar approach is to just pass the config file to use, while triggering the sbt test

First, in the Build.scala file

val testOptions = "-Dconfig.file=conf/" + Option(System.getProperty("test.config")).getOrElse("application") + ".conf"

val main = PlayProject(appName, appVersion, appDependencies, mainLang = SCALA).settings(
    javaOptions in Test += testOptions

Then, in the command line to run the test with integ.conf

sbt -Dtest.config=integ test

to use the default application.conf

sbt test 
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