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What is the correct way to write unittests for things like serialization/deserialization or writing and reading objects to/from a repository? Should I test if each and every property of my objects is correctly read and written? This seems like quite a lot of work when I have lots of types with lots of properties. Is this the way to go?

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For serialisation testing, you may want to serialise and compare vs. a canned test (i.e. a pre-serialised object that you know is correct).

So you would have to initially check that your canned serialised object is correct. From that point on, you're performing a regression test by simply comparing a byte stream / string or however your serialised object is represented. It may not tell you easily what has changed, but it will perform the primary function of a regression test and tell you something has changed.

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Yeah. Version skew is probably the most likely bug to crop up when using serialization, and the "canned object" approach is a good way to test for this. –  Laurence Gonsalves Oct 8 '09 at 19:43

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