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I dont understand why this is giving me an t string syntax error. It looks to me correct! Can somebody please help me out? I am few weeks into my php learning attempt and just trying to make sense of this jumble. I know this is something incredibly stupid but I cannot figure it out!

// set up some variables 
// the toys 
$item1 = "X−ray specs"; 
$item2 = "Watch with built−in poison gas canister";
$item3 = "Exploding chewing gum"; 
// the price 
$item1_cost = 100; $item2_cost = 250; $item3_cost = 32; 
// the amount
$item1_qty = 1; $item2_qty = 2; $item3_qty = 15; 
// calculate cost for each item 
$item1_total = $item1_cost * $item1_qty;
$item2_total = $item2_cost * $item2_qty; 
$item3_total = $item3_cost * $item3_qty; 

// calculate grand total
$grand_total = $item1_total + $item2_total + $item3_total; 
//special secret agent discount − 10% 
$discount = 10; 
// which reduces total bill amount 
$amount = ($grand_total * 10)/100;
// the bottom line 

$net_total = $grand_total − $amount; 

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Having the error message would help. See if you can add it before this gets closed as too localized. – John Conde Mar 14 '13 at 1:42
You set $discount = 10 but you didn't use it. Not a big deal since this is beginner but just letting you know. – Sterling Archer Mar 14 '13 at 1:44

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Somehow you managed to use "–", an n-dash, instead of "-", a minus sign. Did you copy/paste it from a web article? That might have done it. You might also encounter this sort of error if you have or instead of ", which happens fairly frequently with copying code from web pages.

Change this

$net_total = $grand_total − $amount; 

to this

$net_total = $grand_total - $amount;

or just retype the line.

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LOL!!! I ran it on my server and I was like.. what the heck, that line looks fine.. good snag! – Sterling Archer Mar 14 '13 at 1:48
Oh Gosh! Thanks for the reply! I copied this from an tutorial.. – user2167902 Mar 18 '13 at 8:17

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