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In order for me to run a .exe or a .sh in Cyqwin, I have to put a ./ at the beginning of my line. Is there a way for me to change this so that isn't necessary? This is causing problems when I try and run a test script and it can't find files that are right in the directory I'm working in.

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The reason you must use a './' is to specifically tell the shell what file you are trying to execute. Without the leading './', your $PATH environment variable is searched. You can try adding the directories with scripts and executables you commonly use to your $PATH if you'd like. Alternatively, you can add the current directory (.) to your $PATH, but this is a Very Bad Idea as it can lead to unintentional executions.

From the cygwin environment variables doc:

The PATH environment variable is used by Cygwin applications as a list of directories to search for executable files to run. This environment variable is converted from Windows format (e.g. C:\Windows\system32;C:\Windows) to UNIX format (e.g., /cygdrive/c/Windows/system32:/cygdrive/c/Windows) when a Cygwin process first starts. Set it so that it contains at least the x:\cygwin\bin directory where "x:\cygwin is the "root" of your cygwin installation if you wish to use cygwin tools outside of bash.

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Thank you, this answered my question. Also, I discovered that the reason my test script was failing was because it was looking for files on my school's server I should have been ssh'd into. – Lonnie Bissmeyer Mar 14 '13 at 2:55

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