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I am new to ES and trying to search using java apis. I am unable to figure out how I can provide filed specific boosting using the java apis. Here is the example: My index document looks like:

_source": {

"th_id": 1,
"th_name": "test name",
"th_description": "test desc",
"th_image": "test-img",
"th_slug": "Make-Me-Smart",
"th_show_title": "Coast Tech Podcast",
"th_sh_category": "Alternative Health


When i search for keywords I want to boost the results higher if they found in the "th_name" compared to they're found in some other fields. Currently I am using below code to do search:

QueryBuilder qb1 = QueryBuilders.multiMatchQuery(keyword, "th_name", "th_description", "th_show_title", "th_sh_category");
SearchResponse response = client.prepareSearch("talk").setTypes("themes")

Is there anything I can do at query time to boost the document if the keyword is found in "th_name" field compared to found in other fields?

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You should also be able to boost a field directly in the Multi-match query:

"The multi_match query supports field boosting via ^ notation in the fields json field.

  "multi_match" : {
    "query" : "this is a test",
    "fields" : [ "subject^2", "message" ]

In the above example hits in the subject field are 2 times more important than in the message field."

In the java-api, just use the MultiMatchQueryBuilder:

MultiMatchQueryBuilder builder = 
new MultiMatchQueryBuilder( keyword, "th_name^2", "th_description", "th_show_title", "th_sh_category" );

Disclaimer: Not tested

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This is perfect. Thanks for providing the java version too. –  apatel Mar 16 '13 at 20:39

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