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I am creating an application that allows a user to attach a file, type a message, then an email is sent using the PHP mailer plugin for wordpress. I use javascript to get the file information from the upload html form and then php to send the email. The plugin works when sending a file that is saved on the server in a specific location using this function:


I was wondering if there is a way to email the file selected without having to save it to the server. In other words, can a user select a file to upload, but send the file with this php function without saving it in a location to be retrieved? I know there is a $_FILES array that you can get the file's information but will that file be able to be sent without it being saved somewhere first? I'm guessing not since the whole point of the upload form is to "upload" it but just wondering if something could be done in javascript or something.

Thanks for any help

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You can't truly do that, but you could do this to get a close effect:

$filename = $_FILES['file_name']['tmp_name'];
$main->AddAttachment($filename, "attachment");

// Send the email... then:

This adds the file as an attachment, sends the email, then deletes the file. The uploaded files in the $_FILES array will automatically be flushed out eventually, so I'm not sure if the unset() part even does anything significant, but it surely gets rid of the file.

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the $filename should come from server, but not from client machine. – Piyas De Mar 14 '13 at 3:23

Without Saving file in Server, you can not attach it for mail.

1> Mailing function is executing in Server.
2> It is not possible from Server to get the absolute file path in client machine as in web, the client machines do not have any absolute address.
3> So the file is needed to be uploaded in server to get a real path for the file to have in attachment of Mail.
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