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What are the benefits and goals of having a license commment in the header of the source file?

Why are you adding a license header to your source code?

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So that nobody can make a legitimate claim that they did not know that the source code is controlled by a license.

If you ever distribute source code without an attached license, someone can make the claim that they were under the belief that the source code was in the public domain.

It's not going to give you 100% legal protection, but does show that you took reasonable steps to protect your intellectual assets.

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Some licenses require that their notice be placed in the header, others don't. There is some argument over whether it is a good practice or not. The reason for doing so is in case a single file is pulled from the project and used elsewhere, it is easy to determine where it came from. So it really only protects you against honest users, if anyone wishes to obscure the "source" of the source, they will immediately delete the header or alter it.

slightly unrelated - if you need to add a license header to each file in your project, this tool does a good job of it - License header tool

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