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How do i post the results to a URL via the "selenium-server.jar"

java -jar selenium-server.jar -htmlSuite "*firefox" "" "/selenium/Tests/TestSuite2.html" ""


I would like the &resultsUrl to be "&resultsUrl="

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There's no way Selenium can be able to report the results of the tests to an online site. If you think it, you'll soon notice there isn't a standard way for which selenium could take care of such task.

I recommend you wrapping that system call inside a script, that once selenium finished takes care of sending the results html file through FTP or the method you've chosen.

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This is what I'm doing.

java -jar selenium-server.jar  -htmlsuite *iexplore http://yourwebsite c:\testsuite\BasicTestSuite c:\testsuite\results.html
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