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Not sure if this is a bug or some conceptual misunderstanding I'm having. What I want to do is basically set up prev and next paging cursors as outlined in the docs here, except I want the queries to be projection queries. Is this possible? For instance:

# Set up.
q = Bar.query()
q_forward = q.order(Bar.key)
q_reverse = q.order(-Bar.key)

# Fetch a page going forward.
bars, cursor, more = q_forward.fetch_page(10, start_cursor=initial_cursor, projection=my_projection)

# Fetch the same page going backward.
rev_cursor = cursor.reversed()
bars1, cursor1, more1 = q_reverse.fetch_page(10, start_cursor=rev_cursor, projection=my_projection)

When I do something like this, I get BadRequestError: Cursor does not match query running the second fetch_page (the one on the reversed cursor).

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Check your data, this code snippet works just fine for me. –  bossylobster Mar 17 '13 at 20:55

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