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Issue: I cannot get my database to return 0/NULL for location_id's that exist in the database but do not have any items assigned to them in tbl_inventory.. in ADDITION to the counts of the location_id's that DO have items assigned to them.

tbl_inventory: (only posting pertainent columns)

location_id, shop_id, ...
1          | 100
1          | 100
3          | 106
4          | 100
10         | 102
2          | 100

tbl_location: (posting ALL columns)

location_id, location_desc, shop_id
1          | Shop Stock   | 100
2          | Crash Kit    | 100
3          | Site 4       | 106
4          | Radar Site   | 102
5          | New Location | 100
10         | Fire Stn 2   | 100


COALESCE(COUNT(tbl_location.location_id), 0) as 'idCnt'
FROM tbl_location 
LEFT OUTER JOIN tbl_inventory
ON tbl_location.location_id = tbl_inventory.location_id
WHERE tbl_inventory.shop_id = 110
GROUP BY tbl_location.location_id;


location_desc, location_id, idCnt
Shop Stock   | 1          | 2
Crash Kit    | 2          | 1
Fire stn 2   | 10         | 1

What is missing here is location_id 5 from tbl_location

New Location | 5          | 0 (or Null, because there are none in tbl_inventory)


my tbl_location is a table of container labels assigned (and created) by individual shops in our network. The shop then has ownership over that container and can assign parts to it (tbl_inventory.location_id) for inventory purposes..

My PHP application uses this query to produce a list of available locations and grants options based on the amount of items assigned to it.. If the ammount of items is 0 I would like to be able to delete the location.

Even Worse

If I were to remove the GROUP BY the whole query gets mucked up.. Only returning 1 location_id/desc and summing the entire total up on that row.

location_desc, location_id, idCnt
Shop Stock   | 1          | 5

I'm not sure what is actually going on here (in the even worse block) - however I've manually counted and the original query returns the correct counts I just can't get it to portray Locations that DO, in fact, exist in the database but do NOT, in fact, have any items assigned to them.

Anyone have any insight? All the fixes I've found have yet to work.

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WHERE tbl_inventory.shop_id = 110

condition to the join condition

 ON tbl_location.location_id = tbl_inventory.location_id
AND tbl_inventory.shop_id = 110

After your FROM and LEFT JOIN clauses have worked - there is a row with 0 there, but WHERE filters it out, since there is no tbl_inventory.shop_id = 110 in that row

PS: in select it should be tbl_location.location_id, not tbl_inventory.location_id

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