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I have a program that need to be installed with the "gfortran/ifort" compiler. I have a Mac OSX 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard). I know I have gcc installed, because I installed my self (from the gcc package inside the Xcode installer, so I did not have to install the whole xcode), also after typing in the terminal "which gcc" I get the directory.

I also installed gfortran from gnu and after typing in the terminal "which gfortran" I get the directory.

However, since I am learning in this process, I am not sure if when I installed the gfortran the "ifort" is also installed or I have to install it my self as well. How can I check if ifort is install? If it is not install, where can I get it from for Snow Leopard? Can it be installed if I installed the whole xcode and then the "command line tool"?

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ifort is the usual short name for the Intel Fortran compiler. You know you have it installed if any of the following is true:

  1. When you type ifort at a terminal command line you get a response such as ifort: command line error: no files specified ...
  2. The XCode Build Settings for a Fortran project include lists for items such as Intel Fortran Compiler ... Code Generation.
  3. You can find an executable called ifort somewhere on your disks; it's usual location is in /usr/bin but you might have installed it elsewhere.

Note that it is possible that you have it installed but can't use it because you don't have a licence. Intel Fortran costs money, the way to get a copy is to buy it either directly from Intel or from your local reseller.

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