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Anyone here experienced with Requests and HTTP streaming with Chunked Data encoding.

I'm wondering if Requests inherently knows the chunk size provided by the server, and uses it in requests.iter_lines() as the chunk size. I'm finding if i reduce the default chunk size, it processes faster, but is there any correlation to what the server sends back and i shouldn't be monkeying around with setting it. Note, i'm eating social data feeds from DataSift in real time and ultimately shooting them to standard out.

code is:

#!/usr/bin/env python

import requests
import json

headers={'Auth': 'username:api_key'}
r = requests.get('http://stream.datasift.com/988098098sd09fsd89fsd0f7',headers=headers, stream=True)

for line in r.iter_lines(chunk_size=128):
    if line: 
        print line
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Looking at the source code (models.py line 531 and 31), the preconfigured value of 512 is simply a "sane default".

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