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in my test method I have 3-4 assertions, when the test is failed how can I know which assertion was failed? here is my java code...

assertTrue(Utilities.SomeTest(driver, UserName, Password));                
assertTrue(checkData(url, "1", "7", "2012", "30", "8", "2012"));
assertTrue(verifyNo("7", 1));

here my second assertion is failing (which I found after debuging the code), but in console I am getting this description.

Failed: java.lang.AssertionError: null

how can I know the exact method name which is failing, in this case checkData.

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Assuming this is junit, you can pass a String as the first argument to assertTrue which will be displayed if it fails:

assertTrue("Utilities test failed", Utilities.SomeTest(driver, UserName, Password));
assertTrue("checkData failed", checkData(url, "1", "7", "2012", "30", "8", "2012"));
assertTrue("verifyNo failed", verifyNo("7", 1));
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You can use:

assertTrue(String message, boolean condition);

so it would print a meaningful message once assertion fails.

Basically every assertXYZ has a version where you can specify String as a first parameter.

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