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I am using scons with python 2.7.1 my question is , i want to generate the object files in build directory. but object files are creating in my source directory.

my code is:

env.Library('Liba', Glob(builddir + '/*.c'))

can you tell me how to generate the object file inbuild directory


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In SCons terminology, what you are asking is called a variant directory, or simply VariantDir. You have a few options for placing the targets in a VariantDir, as explained here.

You could use the VariantDir() function which has the following syntax:

VariantDir(variant_dir, src_dir, [duplicate])

The duplicate argument is a boolean, which indicates if you want the source code copied to the variant dir or not.

Another way to use a VariantDir is if you have a hierarchy of SConstruct and SConscript script files, when calling the subsidiary SConscripts with the SConscript() function, one of the arguments is the variant_dir, as detailed here:

SConscript(dirs=subdirs, [name=script, exports, variant_dir, duplicate])

Notice the SConscript() function also has the duplicate argument.

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