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In my application,there are multiple threads trying to insert to a MySQL database.Is executeUpdate method thread-safe to use?How can I make this work?

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While executeUpdate method in itself may be thread safe, prepared statements are not designed to be used concurrently. This is because each instance stores your parameters until executeUpdate instructs it to send the parameters to MySQL. Moreover, since transactions are managed through Connection objects, sharing connections concurrently without synchronization may give you undesired behavior on commits/rollbacks.

In order to make inserts from multiple threads work concurrently, each thread needs to use its own Connection, and make its own PreparedStatement. Using multiple prepared statements concurrently on the same database is thread safe, because the concurrency is managed on the RDBMS side.

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There is nothing in the Javadoc that says either a Connection, a PreparedStatement, or a ResultSet is threadsafe, and therefore none of their methods are either.

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executeUpdate() is not thread-safe to use for multiple threads.

you can make multiple connections so that each thread uses its own JDBC Connection to the database.

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