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In the Meteor docs it says that Meteor.startup will be called after the DOM and all templates have been processed. However, my code within Meteor.startup is acting as if the DOM elements aren't there.

In .js:

Meteor.startup(function () {

In .html:

<template name="item">
  <div class="draggable ui-widget-content">

In the console I see:


But on the page I can see my items. And indeed if I include my JQuery in Template.item.rendered or in a mouseover event, I get the correct length of the array. So why would the startup function not have my DOM elements ready to use?

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I'm guessing your code looks something like this, but let me know if I'm wrong:

<template name="list">
  {{#each items}}
    {{> item}}

The {{#each ...}} helper works with a cursor object to respond to data changes on the cursor. So, in your case, if that data is coming from the server (e.g. a subscription), at the time of Meteor.startup, the data might not have been loaded yet. So initially your list will be empty. Then, as data comes off the wire a new item template will be rendered for each data item. If you want to make a specific item draggable, you could put that jQuery code in the Template.item.rendered callback.

Does this help?

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Yes, absolutely. That is what I ended up doing and thanks to you, now I know the explanation. –  Ben Morrow Mar 16 '13 at 4:15

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