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Let's say my app is served at the domain

How (where?) should I specify this in the Pyramid configuration file so that functions like request.route_url would automatically pick it and generate the correct URL.

(I think [server:main] is not the place for this)

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The url generation functions route_url, static_url, resource_url all depend on the WSGI environ dictionary from where they take all the essential parameters required to generate a full URL.

Hence one way to do it is to modify the WSGI environment dictionary at the request creation time, and modify the required parameters. Events are great for this kind of thing:

from import NewRequest
from import subscriber

def mysubscriber(event):
    event.request.environ['HTTP_HOST'] = ''

After this, route_url will take as the base URL.

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To clarify, Pyramid generates URLs relative to the current request. It has no concept of being hosted at a specific or singular prefix. – Michael Merickel Mar 14 '13 at 7:49
@MichaelMerickel Yes, that's correct. One question though: If you put your Pyramid app behind (say) Nginx, wouldn't it be better to send the HTTP_HOST (and others) via Nginx config. That way you make your app completely generic. It would also rid us of the overhead of executing the NewRequest event handler. – treecoder Mar 14 '13 at 7:52
The other useful thing to override is environ['wsgi.url_scheme'] = 'https', if your frontend proxy does HTTPS. – Marius Gedminas Apr 7 at 13:47

Yes, a proper reverse proxy will forward along the appropriate headers to your wsgi server. See the pyramid cookbook for an nginx recipe.

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