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I have a .txt file and I have to change it in xml file. My .txt file is pipe-delimited ("|", vertical bar) flat text file. Like this:

169055|759656025621|Dos|Justamente Tres|Kill Rock Stars|256|PUNK|CD-JEWEL CASE|06/24/1996|D

Now I have to change this text file into xml file and also I have to add parent-child node for this xml. I have to use Linq to xml and XElement. Please help me out.

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Read the data in. Process it. And write it out again. This looks like it could be read in with a "CSV" reader/library (configured as "PSV"). For [re]connecting parent-child relations, I wrote this answer which may or may not give some useful ideas. – user166390 Mar 14 '13 at 6:31
I voted as "Not a Real Question". SO works best if bringing a specific question to the table - as it is now, this is written as a task without enough refinement. – user166390 Mar 14 '13 at 6:36
1) Show example of xml. 2) Show example of txt. 3) Show what code you have now. At the moment also voting for closing question – Sergey Berezovskiy Mar 14 '13 at 6:55
I simply have RDF file which I have to parse into xml using Linq to Xml. 169055|759656025621|Dos|Justamente Tres|Kill Rock Stars|256|PUNK|CD-JEWEL CASE|06/24/1996|D These are the row of that file. I have to add their node as PID|UPC/EAN|Artist|Title|Label|CatalogNumber|Genre|Format|ReleaseDate|Distributi‌​on. – user1570958 Mar 14 '13 at 7:07

Place your input text file as c:\sample.txt. Containing lines like (number of separators could vary, reulting more or less fields for every record) :

169055|759656025621|Dos|Justamente Tres|Kill Rock Stars|256|PUNK|CD-JEWEL CASE|06/24/1996|D

And then you may start like this:

public static void Main() {
            XElement root = new XElement("root");//create a root node
            foreach (String ln in File.ReadAllLines(@"c:\sample.txt")){//<-- read lines
                string[] fields = ln.Split('|'); //<-- change field separator here & split fields
                XElement record = new XElement("record"); //create a child node (i.e., parent of filelds)
                int pos = 0;
                foreach (String sp in fields){
                    pos += 1;
                    XElement field = new XElement(string.Format("field_{0}", pos.ToString())); // prepare child nodes
                    record.Add(field); // add to parent node
                root.Add(record); // add to root
            Console.Write (root.ToString());  // display the result on console
            Console.ReadKey(); // waiting for you........

Result on console:

    <field_4>Justamente Tres</field_4>
    <field_5>Kill Rock Stars</field_5>
    <field_8>CD-JEWEL CASE</field_8>

Hope this helps.

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//path of your RDF file i.e. txt file used delimeter |

String filePath = Path.Combine(HostingEnvironment.ApplicationPhysicalPath, @"RdfFile/RDF.txt");

IEnumerable<String> source = File.ReadLines(filePath);

 XElement scans = new XElement("Test",

        from str in source
        let fields = str.Split('|')
        select new XElement("Product",
           new XAttribute("Action", FileName),
           new XAttribute("EnsureDefaultVariant", "1"),
           new XAttribute("ID", fields[0]),

            new XElement("Summary", fields[2]),
            new XElement("ImageFilenameOverride", fields[1])


//path in which xml file you want to save result.

 String filePath_Xml = Path.Combine(HostingEnvironment.ApplicationPhysicalPath,

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