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Is there any way to change connection interval through Core Bluetooth? I am transferring chunks of data to Peripheral and it's talking much time to transfer the data. I want to reduce this time.

Please let me know, if it is possible to write or update the connection interval from iOS using core bluetooth.

Thank You

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Only by sending connection parameter update from your Peripheral to iOS. Min:20ms (parameter=16) Max:40 (parameter=32) is best legal parameters according to CoreBluetooth. Actually you will get better performance with Min=10 Max=20 or 30 from which CoreBluetooth will select approximate 20ms instead of 30ms Annoying we cannot set it.

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yes, I have set the same from Peripheral. But I want to know, can iOS app using Core Bluetooth read or update connection intervals? –  spaleja Mar 15 '13 at 9:54

I believe the way to do this is to use a Timer.

Refer to: How Do I write a Timer in Objective-C?

For now, that is how I represent the connection interval. You can use this within your callbacks in the function: - (void)peripheral:(CBPeripheral *)peripheral didUpdateValueForCharacteristic:(CBCharacteristic *)characteristic error:(NSError *)error

Also, judging from the Corebluetooth framework, currently there is no way of updating the connection interval from the Central side.

However, I am interested in how your information for the connection interval, henrik.

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Hi, I have alredy figured out the solution by sending multiple packets in single connection interval. –  spaleja Apr 23 '13 at 7:06

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