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What is the maximum property size (how many bytes can I store in a string property for example) in a webpart in Sharepoint 2010?

In this article on MSDN it is set in the Web.config to 1048576.

    <WebPartLimits PropertySize="1048576"/>

In my Sharepoint 2010 installation I have a similar entry in the Web.config:

    <WebPartLimits MaxZoneParts="50" PropertySize="1048576" />

That means I can store a maximum of 1 MB in a property.

But I ran a test and was able to store 16300000 chars (about 16 MB in UTF8) in a string property and I stopped adding more just because that is more than enough for me.

But I wonder why this is possible as the Web.config says it is max. 1 MB?

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