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I am writing my first app with Yesod, and I've got it to a state where it works, but I want to keep adding little things to it. So far, every time I redeploy with keter by swapping in the new package, the database gets recreated for that app. How can I redeploy without that effect? I am not very familiar with postgres, so a workaround would be great as well.

Edit: I also scaffolded it with SQLite, if that makes a difference. I have been looking all over and still can't figure this out.

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Are you redeploying an app with the same name or a different name? Keter tracks databases based on the name of the Keter bundle, so if you keep renaming it, that will definitely cause a new database to be created. –  Michael Snoyman Mar 14 '13 at 7:30
I have been using the same name for the bundle, but I would usually swap in a Keter bundle from a different base location for the app. I just realized that I still have the app calling Database.Persist.Store.runPool dbconf (runMigration migrateAll) p in makeFoundation, though. –  No Context Mar 16 '13 at 3:09

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The answer that I figured out eventually was that I couldn't make it keep the data if it was scaffolded with Sq-lite.

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In contrast to what the accepted answer says, you can actually do this. In the sqlite.yml configuration, you just set the path to a place that it has access to.

My current setup is, I've made a folder at /opt/keter/database and then my config for production is,

  database: /opt/keter/database/HsCMS_production.sqlite3
  poolsize: 100
  <<: *defaults

which will keep the database persistent across deployments. You should be aware of when you alter the database though, it still needs to do migrations.

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