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If a dropdown list and dataset (based on stored procedure) are created in an ASP page, With a session based parameter.
Shouldn't the list populate when the session variable is set to a value that returns results in the proc and the databind() is called?
Or is there something else to do?
I was attempting things like dataset.select() but wondering how that happens.
It's all in the pageload. Please see code if perhaps I missed something obvious.

NOte: the reason I create the datasource in the ASPx page rather than in the codebehind is because I will be creating a lot of them and it's much quicker that way, but maybe that's not a good way.

The ASP is

 <asp:DropDownList ID="ddClinic" runat="server"OnSelectedIndexChanged=" 
      ddClinic_SelectedIndexChanged" AppendDataBoundItems="True" DataSourceID="dsClinics" 
      DataTextField="ClinicName" DataValueField="ClinicID" AutoPostBack="True">
      <asp:ListItem Value="0">Select One</asp:ListItem>

 <asp:SqlDataSource ID="dsClinics" runat="server" ConnectionString="
      <$ConnectionStrings:coPC3PaymentConnectionString %>" SelectCommand="GetClinicsForUser" 
            <asp:SessionParameter DbType="Int32" Name="userID" SessionField="Userid" 
              Type="Int32" />
            <asp:ControlParameter ControlID="LbMsg.Text" DbType="String" Direction="Output" 
                  Name="ErrorMsg" PropertyName="Text" Type="String" />

SO, in the Codebehind C# shouldn't this make it fill? (assuming the parameters return data in the SP?

      Session["User"] = PC3User;

                Session["MultiClinics"] = 1;


Again, sorry for dumb question but all the examples I'm finding are with the datasource being created in the codebehind. Is that needed?


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I don't think Questions can be removed from this board, but I don't think this one will help anyone else because I found that my problem was simple and NOT related to the dataabind - I was simply referencing the session variable by the wrong name

Session["User"] vs  <asp:SessionParameter DbType="Int32" Name="user**ID**" 

My apologies if you wasted time, and I will be more careful. This has happened a couple times to me. I will check all string values as they will not be caught in build.

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