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I have a file called config.php, I want it to remain exactly as is, however on Line # 4 there is a line saying:

$config['url'] = '...could be anything here';

I'd like to only replace the contents of line # 4 with my own url provided for $config['ur'], is there a way to do this in PHP?

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Since you know the exact line number, probably the most accurate way to do this is to use file(), which returns an array of lines:

$contents = file('config.php');
$contents[3] = '$config[\'url\'] = "whateva"'."\n";
$outfile = fopen('config.php','w');
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$myline = "my confg line";

$file = "config.php";

$contents = file($file);
$contents[3] = $myLine;
$file = implode("\n", $contents);
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Either create another config (myconfig.php). Include the original and overwrite the option. include myconfig.php instead of the original one.


Go to where config is included (you did use a single place for all your includes right?) and set the config option there.

   include "config.php"
   $config['url'] = "my_leet_urlz";
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you could read the file, use str_replace or preg_replace on the appropriate strings, then write the file back to itself.

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$filename = "/path/to/file/filename";
$configFile = file($filename);
$configFile[3] = '$'."config['url'] = '...could be anything here';";
file_put_contents($filename  ,$configFile);
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If there is only one $config['url'], use a preg_replace() http://us.php.net/preg%5Freplace

something like: $pattern = '\$config['url'] = "[\d\w\s]*"' $file_contents = preg_replace($pattern, $config['url'] = "my_leet_urlz";,$file_contents);

you'll need to fix the pattern as I'm new at regex and I know that's not right.

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