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I use a Facebook sample app (SessionLoginSample) to understand how to log into Facebook. My Facebook SDK is latest — version 3.0. When I have the Facebook app installed, I can log in without any problems.

The problem is when I uninstall my Facebook app and re-install the sample (so it doesn't log in automatically). I try to log in but I can see only a white empty dialog. The only option I have is to close it. Even if I wait 10-15 minutes, the dialog doesn't change.

SessionLoginSample - Login

I tried to debug the Facebook SDK but I couldn't find what's causing the error.

I tested this on LG-E610 (4.0.3) and HTC Sensation (4.0.3).

Is this facebook sdk error or I'm doing something wrong?

Edit: I tested this issue again 10 days later in the same coditions and everything seems to work as expected.

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Try enabling debug logs for Facebook by using something like : Settings.addLoggingBehavior(LoggingBehavior.REQUESTS); You can find many other options for LoggingBehavior. It should point and tell you what's happening in the back end. –  Ashwini Bhangi Mar 14 '13 at 15:58
Could you resolve the issue? –  robert Mar 23 '13 at 7:46
Today I tested this with different WIFI network and the dialog was working good. I have to do more test and then I'll post the information here. –  Mario Kutlev Mar 23 '13 at 17:42
that's interesting. I also found that the accessing network seem to matter. See stackoverflow.com/questions/15589114/… –  robert Mar 23 '13 at 21:13
But I had this problem just now, which speaks against the fb-fixed-bug theory. Also, I did tests within minutes and it depended on the IP/user agent combination only. Are you using a dynamic IP? - maybe it changed. Mine changed (reassigned by provider) and now the problematic network works too. –  robert Mar 25 '13 at 11:22

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The problem might not be on your side! I have encountered a situation where one and the same request to Facebook would be answered as expected or with an "Internal Server Error 500" depending on my IP (IP/User agent to be exact).

You can be quite certain that nothing is wrong with your configuration and application when:

  1. Your app works from another network (i.e. another IP)
  2. When the sample app from Facebook (i.e. HelloFacebookSample) runs into the same problem.

My suspicion is that Facebook puts certain IP/user agent combinations in a temporary black list. The problem is that their generic 500 response is not helpful.

For another reported case see my question at Facebook web login in android app stalls when using WiFi instead of 3G

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