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I am porting my current java EE project to maven. I was working on the folder structure of the war that is being created by maven, somehow got stuck.

Maven copies all my files inside webapps, including .css, .js etc inside my WEB-INF/classes folder. I have kept a different folder resources for them, and want just .class and .properties files to be copied inside the classes folder.

Any ideas how can I achieve this ?

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creates a resource folder inside my war and keeps all those files inside the resource folder, but somehow a copy of them are also created inside WEB-INF/classes

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Where are your .css and .js resources located in your directory structure ? –  benzonico Mar 14 '13 at 8:43
they are located inside src\main\resources –  ItachiUchiha Mar 14 '13 at 8:47

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You can configure the maven-war-plugin to exclude some files from the packaging. Check the documentation for that.

However, usually you keep your web resources outside the classpath (thus not in src/main/resources) in the webapp directory of your application.

The resources are copied in the classes directory because the src/main/resources is destinated to receive files that you want to be available on the classpath (properties files, xml configuration files, etc.).

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As @benzonico mentioned, you should be keeping your webapp resources in src/main/webapp and not src/main/resources. If you are unable to change that, you could add something similar to the following to exclude the js and css files from getting copied to classes folder.

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