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I have been using Squirrelmail version 1.4.22 for over 2 months now and its been working perfectly. Suddenly this morning users cant login and it gives them this error: ERROR You must be logged in to access this page. Go to the login page

When i use an alternative mail client users are able to login into the mail accounts fine. I have tried to read online and even reinstall squirrelmail but still brings the same error and even within this forum and everybody seems to point it to a cookie issue. I have cross-checked by cookie session settings both on the server and browser and i don't seem to see an issue.

Please advise will be grateful for any help

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Create php file in httpdocs of your web site with code:

<? phpinfo();

Check for value of session.save_path variable

Check for permissions on folder which defined in session.save_path:

ls -ld /path-to-folder

it should be 1733

Also check for errors in log file in

/var/www/vhosts/<your domain name>/statistics/logs/error_log
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