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I'm 99% sure that the answer to my question will be no but just in case...

Use case:

  1. Webpage A opens a new window B with JavaScript (same domain)
  2. The user refreshes A or navigates away and then returns
  3. The user clicks on a link in page A which should close B

This works fine by holding on to the window reference as long as the user does not refresh and navigates away from A (step 2).

Is there any (exotic or not) way to re-obtain the reference to the previously opened window(s) when returning to A?

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function openWin() {
  w = window.open("","windowname"); // use the window name you gave it when you opened it
  if (w && !w.closed) ...
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Gonna try this now. Tx. – Stijn Geukens Mar 14 '13 at 9:12

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