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I’ve got (I think) quite simple problem with SQL. I’ve got two tables: Posts(id, body, user_id), and Reports(id, user_id, post_id).

I’d like to display all posts for given user, which he didn’t mark as reported.

I build query something like this:

Select * FROM posts LEFT OUTER JOIN 
reports ON reports.post_id = posts.id WHERE reports.id IS NULL

However, it takes all reports, not only that added by my user. Of course adding Where reports.id IS NULL AND reports.user_id = 123 won’t work… Is there any solution for that, or should I do sub query?

BTW: I don’t think that this can make any difference, but I’m running postgres 9.x

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Add the reports.user_id = 123 to the join condition, and not the where clause. This will join only on reports rows with user_id = 123 and eliminate only those matches:

FROM posts
LEFT OUTER JOIN reports ON reports.post_id = posts.id
    AND reports.user_id = 123
WHERE reports.id IS NULL

Alternatively, use a WHERE NOT EXISTS:

FROM posts
    SELECT 1
    FROM reports 
    WHERE reports.post_id = posts.id
    AND reports.user_id = 123
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great, didn’t know that I can add conditions to ON. Works, thanks! –  user1105595 Mar 14 '13 at 9:16

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