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I have a problem. I have a menu like this:

<ul id="mainmenu" class="meganizr mzr-slide mzr-responsive">
<li id="menu_435" class="style1 menu_1 active">
<li id="menu_469" class="style5 menu_1 mzr-drop parent">
<li id="menu_475" class="style3 menu_1 mzr-drop parent">
<li id="menu_507" class="style4 menu_1">
<li id="menu_540" class="style5 menu_1 mzr-drop parent">
<li id="menu_559" class="style6 menu_1">

My question is related to class="style6". When the menu is active, I want the class style6 assigned to body. Example: <body class="style6". How can I do this?

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how do decide whether it is active? on which event? – Swarne27 Mar 14 '13 at 9:32

Lets say that you decide the active status by clicking on style6 in menu,

    $('li[class^="style6 menu_1 active"]').click(function(){
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