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I made MySQL database contains below data:

Date (date) | NAV Decimal(30,10)

Each date is a month end date.

It has monthly Fund NAV for the past 3 years like below.

2012-12-31 |105

2013-01-28 | 100

2013-02-28 | 105

I would like to calculate month on month return in percentage using the NAV column and display each month's return for the 3 years period.

Kindly advice how I can make MySQL query.

Expected results are as below:

2013-01-31 |-5%

2013-02-28 |5%

Thank you.

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You can not loop for calculation in SQL. For this you have to use MySql Stored Procedure/Function or you have to code in any server side language with mysql library Api

You can have idea of Store proc here -

Looping Over Result Sets in MySQL (Resolved: Using Cursors)

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