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I am working on win8 phone project whenever I click a button the buttons background changes to phones accent color or on a textBox the border color changes to phones accent color or the color of the keyboard buttons changes to phones accent color ... I tried to overwrite the PhoneAccentBrush in application.resources < solidColorBrush x:Key="PhoneAccentBrush" color="white" /> but it didnt work is there any way to change Phone Accent Color for all elements in my app ??

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You can change the default style of all Button controls in your app such that it doesn't use {StaticResource PhoneAccentBrush} in the Pressed state.

Open Blend and create a simple WP8 project, put a Button in it and then grab a copy of the template (right click on the button and Edit a copy). See Jeff Wilcox's blog for a step-by-step description of the process.

Then you can paste the template into your App.xaml. If you remove the x:Keyit becomes the default style for that control.

Alternately you could check this StackOverflow question about overriding the theme everywhere.

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