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I have a file.txt that is tracked by both SVN and Git. The directory structure looks like this:

  + prj/
  +    .git/
  +    src/
  |        .svn/
  |        file.txt

When I open that file in Emacs, it opens in SVN mode by default. How do I change it to open in Git mode? None of the vc- commands contain something to change version-control mode.

EDIT: I would like to switch between SVN and Git modes on a file-by-file basis. A related question doesn't answer how to do it. vc-handled-backends changes the order permanently.

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A long time ago I used C-x v b (for vc-switch-backend) to deal with files that were both in RCS and CVS. I guess that should work for modern version control systems as well.

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Yup, seems to work. Thanks. – satish Mar 14 '13 at 12:14

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