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I'm developing a large web application in Eclipse and some of the resources (I'm talking about files, NOT code) are getting deprecated, however, I don't know which are and I'm including them in my ending war file.

I know Eclipse recognizes file paths into its directory because I can access the link to an image or other page while I'm editing one of my xhtml pages (using Control). But is there a way to localize the unused resources in order to remove them?

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UCDetector might be your best bet, specifically, the custom marker aspects of this tool.

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As I know Eclipse doesn't have this (need this too).

I'm using grep in conjuction with bash scripting - shell script takes files in my resource folder, put filenames in list, greping throught source code for every record in the list and if grep find it it is removed.

At the end list is printed on console - just unused resources retain in the list.

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Do you have the script around there? Just to make an idea. – Xtreme Biker Mar 25 '13 at 17:39

Following these 3 steps would work for sites with a relatively finite number of dynamic pages:

  1. Install your site on a filesystem mount'ed with atime (access time).

  2. Try harvesting the whole site with wget.

  3. Use find to see which files were not accessed recently.


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