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I really wish there was a google tasks app for OS X. Reminders does not work with Google Tasks. There is a GTasks API available so it could be done, right? I have never coded a thing in my life. I am downloading Xcode right now. I'd like to have an app for the desktop and I am willing to learn, could you point me in a good direction? Thanks a lot.

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SO is a QA site and community and your question has to be very specific and technical problem which you cant solve. You better Google to find programming books and articles. –  Guru Kara Mar 14 '13 at 11:07
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Start to looking for xcode tutorials and code a lot of sample Programms. Writing a google task app is rly a wrong way to gettin started in programming.

maybe you can use "any.Do" for Google Chrome to sync your google Tasks

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