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I have a Virtual Machine in Virtual PC 2007.

To start it from the desktop, I have the following command in a batch file:

"c:\program files\Microsoft Virtual PC\Virtual PC.exe" -pc "MY-PC" -launch

But that leaves a dos prompt on the host machine until the virtual machine shuts down, and I exit out of the Virtual PC console. That's annoying.

So I changed my command to use the START command, instead:

start "c:\program files\Microsoft Virtual PC\Virtual PC.exe" -pc MY-PC -launch

But it chokes on the parameters passed into Virtual PC.

"START /?" indicates that parameters do indeed go in that location. Has anyone used START to launch a program with multiple command-line arguments?

@AlbertEin: Yes, I tried that. No luck.

@Mark Allen: Yes, tried that too. No error; it just leaves a blank dos prompt.

@Tim Farley: That worked. Thanks!

@Ferruccio: That is a better idea, with the bonus that I get a pretty icon instead of a little cog-in-a-box. "Answered" goes to Tim though, since he did answer the specific qstn.

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START has a peculiarity involving double quotes around the first parameter. If the first parameter has double quotes it uses that as the optional TITLE for the new window.

I believe what you want is:

start "" "c:\program files\Microsoft Virtual PC\Virtual PC.exe" -pc JSTYONS-DELPHI -launch

In other words, give it an empty title before the name of the program to fake it out.

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"peculiarity" is being nice... –  Michael Burr Sep 30 '08 at 17:31
+1 for peculiarity! –  dierre Mar 15 '11 at 13:04
Is this deprecated? In Win 7 I get Start-Process : Cannot validate argument on parameter 'FilePath'. The argument is null or empty. Supply an argument that is not null or empty and then try the command again –  geotheory Oct 20 '14 at 12:04

Instead of a batch file, you can create a shortcut on the desktop.

Set the target to:

"c:\program files\Microsoft Virtual PC\Virtual PC.exe" -pc "MY-PC" -launch

and you're all set. Since you're not starting up a command prompt to launch it, there will be no DOS Box.

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The spaces are DOSs/CMDs Problems so you should go to the Path via:

cd "c:\program files\Microsoft Virtual PC"

and then simply start VPC via:

start Virtual~1.exe -pc MY-PC -launch

~1 means the first exe with "Virtual" at the beginning. So if there is a "Virtual PC.exe" and a "Virtual PC1.exe" the first would be the Virtual~1.exe and the second Virtual~2.exe and so on.

Or use a VNC-Client like VirtualBox.

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This looks like a reasonable work-around, but it doesn't really address the underlying problem, which is covered by the accepted answer. –  Sam Nov 11 '13 at 5:18

You can use quotes by using the [/D"Path"] use /D only for specifying the path and not the path+program. It appears that all code on the same line that follows goes back to normal meaning you don't need to separate path and file.

start  /D "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\" IEXPLORE.EXE

:: or

start  /D "TITLE" "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\" IEXPLORE.EXE

:: will start IE with default web page.

start /D "TITLE" "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\" IEXPLORE.EXE www.bing.com :: Starts with Bing, but does not reset your home page.

:: /D stands for "directory" and using quotes is OK!

:: WRONG start /D "TITLE" "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE" :: ERROR "The current directory is invalid." /D must only be followed by a directory path.
:: Then space and the batchfile or program you wish to start/run"

Tested and works under XP but windows Vista/7/8 may need some adjustments to UAC.


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have you tried:

start "c:\program files\Microsoft Virtual PC\Virtual PC.exe" "-pc MY-PC -launch"


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Put the command inside a batch file, and call that with the parameters.

Also, did you try this yet? (Move end quote to encapsulate parameters)

start "c:\program files\Microsoft Virtual PC\Virtual PC.exe -pc MY-PC -launch"
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Change The "Virtual PC.exe" to a name without space like "VirtualPC.exe" in the folder. When you write start "path" with "" the CMD starts a new cmd window with the path as the title. Change the name to a name without space,write this on Notepad and after this save like Name.cmd or Name.bat:

CD Program Files
CD Microsoft Virtual PC
start VirtualPC.exe
timeout 2

This command will redirect the CMD to the folder,start the VirualPC.exe,wait 2 seconds and exit.

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What happens if the software gets updated? Suddenly you've got an orphaned virtualpc.exe. –  Michael Beck Jan 22 at 16:33

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