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Error: column 0 is not numeric Column 0 is my date column

data.addColumn('date', 'Date');
// The variable date here is an epoch
var fullDate = new Date((parseInt(date)*1000));
r.push(new Date(fullDate.getYear(), fullDate.getMonth(), fullDate.getDay()));
// Logging r here yields: Mon Mar 06 113 00:00:00 GMT+1100 (EST)
var slider = new google.visualization.ControlWrapper({
  'controlType': 'NumberRangeFilter',
  'containerId': 'control1',
  'options': {
    'filterColumnLabel': 'Date',
       'ui': {'labelStacking': 'vertical'}

I guess I need to find a way to make date numeric?

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Another solution would be to instead of making date numeric, change the control type of the slider.

'controlType': 'ChartRangeFilter',
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